Monday, August 17, 2009

The Capsule & The Clone.

I thought I'd begin my first article by going back to basics. The basic being, the capsule, and the clone. When I first began discovering Eve online I started with the website while I was waiting for my excruciatingly slow internet to download Eve. My browsings soon led me to the scientific articles of the website. Ofcourse the most intriguing of the articles to me was the article about, you guessed it, the capsule and the clone.

At first read the idea of the Pod Pilot is a great concept. Not only are you able to control monstrous behemoths into battle all on your own with all weapons blazing but upon destruction of your many-hours-mining-veldspar space ship and ultimately your doom you are instantly transfered hundreds and thousands of light years away where you awake once more to reign supreme over the heavens amoung other demi-gods like yourself. Thus mankind has finally achieved immortality. Or hasn't it?

Upon delving further into this idea questions arise. The major question that arises here is, is it truely immortality? Or is it a memory of you, stored and moved to a clone. Why do I say memory? The reason being that I cannot get my head around the concept that you as a human being, your soul can be transfered that easily from one body to another. To me it would seem the concept is to transfer the memories and the personalities to another body, or container. Sure the new body acts, walks, talks, thinks and even has all the memories that you have, but I still can't help but wonder, is it really you?

With all this in mind, it would seem to me that you die and only the memory of you lives on in another body. So in some ways yes, mankind has achieved immortality in the Eve universe but we have still not alluded death. All we have achieved is to preserve memories of ourselves that continue living on. We are not immortal. We will not go on living. We will not go on enjoying the pleasures of life. Instead only our memories go on living, in another container. No longer will we be controlling what happens, it is this memory of you that will decide how the universe remembers you. Hence forth I will refer to those that are born of sweat and blood from your mother the Originals.

My next question is, what happens when all the originals are gone? Does the inhabitants of the Eve universe then exist as a bunch of memories of their originals? Souless bodies that exist with memories of a former human being. Ofcourse talk of soul is to talk of a higher being and religion or how ever one wishes to view the subject matter and this could bbe debated over countless posts but I am not here to debate this.

I'll leave with these questions open to interpretation and debate amoung you originals out there. The individuals, free-thinkers and intellectuals of the universe.

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